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About Awesome Praise

Awesome Praise is a multi-national gospel concert inspired to orchestrate God’s praise in the nations. At its core, it presents a grand platform for gospel artists, church and independent choirs to come together in a cringe free environment to give high praise and worship to their first love. Performances include drama in its voiced and non-voiced art form. Illuminating quotes on Awesome Praise include:

 “..a truly overwhelming performance of Kurt Carr's "We Offer You Praise," fulfilling the promise of bringing musicians from such different traditions together: to make a joyful noise unto the Lord that reflected and inspired awe.”…. Andrew Malone - Washington Post, DC - USA.

 “…being in HIS presence Awesome Praise just comes out of me”….Osmond Collins - USA.

“…Awesome Praise looks to create a moment of power and realisation that we have the ability to praise God in a way that it’s just awesome”……. Rev Bazil Meade – London Community Gospel Choir.

a night stacked with celestial fare”……London Evening Standard on Awesome Praise

It first took place in September 2002 at the Barbican hall in London and repeated in September 2003 at The Ocean Music Venue. In July 2004, it was staged at the John F Kennedy for Performing Arts in Washington DC – USA and most recently in Johannesburg in November 2007. Future events are scheduled for Lagos on 11 November 2011 and London in August 2012.

It is charity concert that promotes and benefits the works of nominated local Charities including UK based charity 3E Foundation.

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